My Melbourne Adventure Day 2: You Know What they Say About Big Wheels…

The next day we woke up fairly early, though it was still later than we had anticipated.  I don’t know if it was just me, but the sun seemed to rise a lot later in Melbourne than it did in Brisbane.  It was nearly 7:30 and the sun still had not risen properly, compared to Brisbane where the sun always seems to be up ungodly early and lights up your room at 4:00am.  Today the plan was to try out the trams, visit the Docklands and explore the CBD.

After getting used to the late sunrise, we ventured outside. It was a rather grey morning, but the clouds were light and did not look like they promised rain, which was surprising really since everyone says Melbourne is notorious for rainy weather.  It was also nowhere near as cold as I had anticipated for mid-winter, and the cool temperature was actually quite pleasant under my jacket.  Last time I had been in Melbourne we’d nearly froze to death.  Gladdened by the tolerable weather, we crossed the Yarra and managed to get on one of the free city loop trams with only minimal confusion.  This was a pretty great way to see city as not only did it take us through Melbourne’s heart, but it also had a voice-over providing facts about the areas and buildings we passed.  The tram itself was a restored tram from the early 20th century, which gave it character and added to the historical atmosphere.  We passed many beautiful old style buildings on the trip, including historic churches, hotels and an opulent government building.  Every bit of Melbourne we say seemed to have its own history and story, and everything had so much character.  There was so much to take in that I found it hard to keep track of everything.  Everything in Melbourne just screamed “culture”, both old and new.


Our tram trip finished at the Docklands- a collection of shops and attractions near docks which gave the area its name.  It was oddly deserter though.  In fact, I think I only saw about ten other people in the whole area, which was saying a lot since it was quite a large precinct.  I figured that would be better for us, since there would be no crowds.  However I found the shops themselves somewhat disappointing as it was the usual stuff you’d find back in Brisbane.  I’ve never been one for shopping on holidays anyway, mostly due to the fact I can shop at home, and that I usually don’t have enough money (or suitcase space) to go nuts on holiday.

The highlight of the Docklands was undoubtedly the Melbourne Star, one of only four giant observation wheels in the world.  The massive structure is 120m tall and offered views of up to 40km away.  Despite the cloudy weather, I think we easily saw that far.  Our ride on the Star allowed us unrivaled views of Melbourne and its surrounds.  From the peak, we had unobstructed views of the city skyline and the Yarra flowing out through the port into Port Phillip Bay- a huge and almost entirely landlocked bay renowned for its fishing.  Even though the clouds had somewhat thickened, the experience was still spectacular.  You really got to see Melbourne as a whole and when you are up there locking across at the city, you almost feel as if it’s your city- like Batman standing atop a building in Gotham, gazing at his city below.


After some morning tea (and the best Chai latte I’ve ever had, courtesy of the Coffee Club), we decided to look into an activity suggested by a friend of mine- black light mini-golf.  This was basically an indoor mini-golf course in almost total darkness, save for some cool black lighting and glowing wall paint.  The effect was very cool, and each room had a theme like underwater, jungle and outback.  It was a fun experience, even though the place was kind of falling apart (I think I did actually break something loose, but let’s not mention that) and smelled kind of funny.


Our foray into the Docklands was now done, since we had seen everything likely worth seeing.  On the way back we stopped in at “the Minotaur”- a popular comic book shop in the CBD.  While the store certainly was all my wildest, nerdiest dreams come true, it was very expensive.  While the selection was amazing and I swear they probably had a Action Comics #1 in that massive collection, the high pricing meant I left with only one item- a plastic 30cm Winter Soldier figure for $30 (which I later found in Brisbane for $20).  But that aside, I do still love the atmosphere of an authentic comic book shop- something that is unfortunately dying out these days with the rise of digital comics.

We proceeded back to the hotel for a hearty dinner of 2 minute noodles which we purchased in a convenience store in the CBD.  I should mention that the CBD itself is actually rather unremarkable, mostly because it was depressingly similar to Brisbane’s.  Day two had come to a close, and we spent the evening with two minute noodles and an 80s music channel on TV as we watched the sun set and the lights of the city twinkle to life.

Day 3 is on the way!




My Melbourne Adventure- Day 1

Now I know that I said this blog is for my writing, and for the most part it is.  But in my very first post I did mention my love for travel.  As a way to practice writing (and make sure my blog isn’t all just ramblings) I have decided to share my thoughts on a trip to Melbourne, Victoria in Australia.  Now I’m not one of those “hipster travelers” who think the only way to enjoy a place is to stay in an AirBnb house and do all your adventuring yourself.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I like hotels, okay?  I like guided tours and cheesy souvenirs.  I want to stay somewhere where I have high speed internet and a pool.  While it’s fun to go off the beaten track, I prefer to stay on a road where I know where I’m going.

But without further ado, let me tell you of my first day in Melbourne.

Day 1- 22nd of July, 2016

Now I’m sure all of you well seasoned travelers are used to get up early for morning flights, but for a novice like me, even a 5:30am start seemed too much.  But after my sensing came online (thanks to our good friend coffee) the excitement really kicked in.  See, I don’t travel a lot for financial reasons, so when I do go somewhere new it is incredibly exciting.  This trip I was taking with my mum (who is the best mum ever) who is just as much as a travel nut as I am, but is also restrained by pesky money.

We were departing from Brisbane Airport- a small airport by comparison to most but one that held a place in my heart.  After all, BNE Airport was my launchpad to the entire world.  Though everyone could tell what travel novices we were after we struggled to figure out the baggage self check in (in our defense it was 6:00am and we hadn’t had breakfast).  After some much needed food, we headed to the Jetstar terminal just over an hour later.  Now, for most flying is nothing special- it’s a way to get from point A to point B.  But for some reason I love flying.  I’ve been on a couple of flights in my life, all domestic thought, but every time I am just so excited to get on that plane.  Perhaps it’s the speed and wonder of the planes, perhaps it’s the fact that they take me to new places.  What ever the reason is, I am always ecstatic when I board my flight.  I spent most of the two hour flight (short by a travelers’ standard) playing Shovel Knight on my 3DS.  It paid off, since I finally defeated Plague Knight, a boss that had been plaguing me for months.

As we began our descent into Melbourne, I noticed two things.  One- Victoria was covered by a thick layer of grey clouds and two- the land below was incredibly green.  My home state of Queesland is always brown, yellow and very dry, so it was nice to see a state that was so green and lush.  The city itself and its surrounding suburbs looked quite similar to Brisbane’s from the air, except perhaps a little bigger.


Finally, we landed and took our first steps into Melbourne.  Well, technically it was mum’s first steps into Melbourne, but I had been there once before with a school band tour, though I didn’t remember a lot.  Though I could remember glimpses of memories of the airport.  Somehow I still remembered where to go.  Once outside, I was surprised that the weather wasn’t too bad, since Melbourne is notorious for bad weather.  It was cloudy with patches of blue, and it was cool, but nowhere near as cold as Melbourne could be.  After a rather long wait for our airport transfers, we were off into the city.

I must mention that my home city, Brisbane, is a rather new city, whereas Melbourne is a very old one, at least by Australian standards.  So I was quite struck at how different Melbourne was to Brisbane.  You could see Melbourne’s historical side, characterized by old, Europeanesque buildings merged with it’s new, artistic side, characterized by sleek, modern buildings with artistic architecture.  Even the foliage was different, and many trees were bare for the winter, which is something you don’t see in my sub-tropical home city.

Excitement was high as the taxi brought us to our hotel- the Crown Promenade.  It was situated in the perfect spot- in the heart of Soutbank right over the Casino, and with an excellent view of the city.  It was by far the fanciest place I ever stayed at, which probably says a lot about my previous accommodations.  I mean, it even had a fancy pond and a water feature INSIDE the foyer itself.  How cool is that?  AND a man took our luggage to our room for us!  For those used to the high life, that probably is nothing, but to us it made us feel rather fancy.  Despite the upper classiness of the place, everyone was still very welcoming and friendly.

Our room was a pretty standard size, but very luxurious.  You should’ve seen the size of that shower!  The hotel’s class and proximity to the Casino gave it a sort of “James Bond” sort of feel, and it was easy to imagine this being the sort of place where international espionage took place in the Casino below.


After settling in, we decided to acquaint ourselves with the area.  A brief visit to the Casino introduced me to a whole new world of upper-class Capitalism.  But what was more impressive was Melbourne’s beautiful Southbank area.  From an incredible selection of dining (including the best Indian food I’ve ever had) to a scenic walking path along the Yarra river and the spectacular nightly fire show, it certainly blows Brisbane’s Southbank out of the water.  After an hour or two of exploration and the fire show, we called it a day, since there was much more to come and we needed plenty of energy to take it head on.



Day 2 coming soon (soon being when I get round to writing it)



Dungeons that Drag On #1: Shouldn’t We Have a Fighter?

The sun shone brightly overhead in the azure blue sky.  Lying on her back, Aria watched gulls squawking and circling above.  Around her she could hear the sounds of Neverwinter’s port- the splashing of waves lapping at the docks, the creaking of the ships’ sails and ropes and constant buzz of chatting sailors and merchants.  And for that one, beautiful moment as she laid upon the gently swaying deck of the ship, she felt peaceful.  But of course, that wouldn’t last.

“So, when are we leaving?” said the excitable halfling, Swagstag Memebarrel.  She was leaning over Aria, her boyish face only inches from her own.  Aria sighed,

“When Moses arrives with supplies from the market,” Aria said, exasperated, “I thought I already told you.”

“Well, yea you did but it’s so boring here,” Swagstag said, twirling one of her daggers in her small hand, “There’s no action.”

“We could go make some,” said the voice of Malifca Paladin-Bane.  She smiled slyly in a way that made Aria somewhat uncomfortable.  At least their other companion, Ivan Greenbean, the wood elf, still remained happily asleep on a pile of sacks under the mast and would not be, for the moment, causing trouble for her.

“No one is making any action.  I hired you all for a purpose- a purpose that you all promised you’d help me achieve,” Aria said, putting her hands on her hips.

“Yes, yes, we know all about your ‘purpose’,” said Malifica, strutting over to Aria.

“And we bloody well better get paid for it,” added Swagstag.  Aria sighed yet again.  What had seemed like a great plan at first was starting to look a little uncertain.  The premise was clear- Aria had heard that there was a ski resort somewhere up in the mountains guarded by goblins, and this resort was filled with gold.  This gold was promised to anyone who won their yearly snowmobile race.  Asides from that, she had very little information, be she would have it soon.  Her old partner and friend, Bowen Dilson, had information they would need to get this gold, but he was in Luskan, to the north.  With no intention of participating in such a race, Aria and Bowen decided a heist was in order- but they needed help. That’s where Aria’s band of misfits came in.  With rather limited funds, Aria did not have the freedom to be picky when hiring help, which left her with this undesirable group of adventurers.  A hyper-religious cleric, a feisty halfling thief, an intelligently challenged elf ranger and a borderline insane tiefling sorceress.  They weren’t Aria’s first choice, but they were the only choice she had.


“I come bearing great gifts!” exclaimed Moses as dragged a sack of supplies up the gangplank.  Aria helped the human cleric haul their supplies on board.

“There’s enough supplies to make it Luskan, easily, with plenty more for the trip into the mountains,” he said.

“Good, good,” Aria said, nodding, “Mind giving me the leftover gold?”

“Leftover?  Why, I spent it all!”

Aria’s eye twitched, “You what?!”

“The hard working merchants of this city often struggle to make ends meet, so I thought it charitable to not haggle and accept their high prices.”

Aria suppressed the urge to shout at the overly-kind cleric.  She took a deep breath.

“Alright.  Okay.  Just…let me do the shopping next time,” she said.  Aria was glad she organised the horses, otherwise their adventure would have already put her in debt.

“Now that we are all here, we can finally begin.”

The adventurers gathered around Aria,

“As you know, I have been informed of a rather valuable hoard of gold hidden away in the mountains to the north.  This gold is locked away in a vault beneath Globlin Slopes- a rather expensive goblin ski resort,” Aria explained.  Ivan raised his hand,

“What’s a ski resort?” he asked.

“It’s where people go stay on holidays where they strap two pieces of wood to their feet and slide down the slopes of the mountain.”

“You mean, they purposely slide down the mountain?” Ivan said, confused, “But why bother climbing all the way up if you’re just going back down…”

“Don’t worry about that,” Aria said, somewhat irritated, “As I was saying, this gold is the grand prize for a snowmobile race…”

Ivan raised his hand,

“I swear to god Ivan if you ask what a snowmobile is I’m throwing you off the side of this boat,” Aria said.  Ivan lowered his hand.

“Of course, none of us know how to operate such a thing, so we’re going to steal that gold.”

“And how do you plan on doing that?” Malifica asked.

“I haven’t quite gotten that far yet,” Aria said, “But when we meet Bowen in Luskan, we will sort that out.  For now, we have all we need to get underway.  Does everyone have what they need?”

“I have my staff,” said Moses.

“My daggers are ready to go,” said Swagstag.

“My bow is strung,” said Ivan.

“And I’ll happily set something on fire with my magic when you give the word,” said Malifica.  Aria dropped her hand to her own weapon- a rapier that was more for show than anything.  As she looked at her companions, a terrible thought hit her.

“Wait a second, do we not have anyone who can wield a sword?  A fighter?”

“You have a sword, don’t you?” said Ivan.

“Yes, but I’m a bard.  I was hoping to talk my way out of any problems we get into.  But I would expect if we met bandits or monsters on our way that they would not be open to discussion.”

“Why do we need a swordsman?  We’re all capable warriors,” said Malifica.

“Yes, but…I mean all the songs and stories of great adventures usually have a hero with a sword and armour.  They’re usually a man, in his early to mid-thirties, white and attractive with a beard and a lawful good disposition.”

“By the powers, you are quiet right,” said Moses, “There are indeed a lot of tales with heroes fitting that description.  Do you think our tale needs one as well?”

Aria shrugged, “Perhaps, perhaps not.  I have a feeling our band may not yet be complete.  The road will only tell.”

“Enough talking!” said Swagstag, “I say we go and get ourselves some goblin gold!”

The others all murmured in agreement.

“It’s agreed then,” Aria said, “Our quest has begun.”


Meet the Gang – Dungeons that Drag On

As a bit of blog-exclusive, I will be starting a little mini series called Dungeons that Drag On, which is pretty much a couple of little stories inspired by some of the Dungeons and Dragons sessions I’ve attended.  They’re not going to be overly serious as some of the hijinks that come with D&D can be pretty out there.  So first of all, let’s meet our intrepid adventures- characters based on my dungeons and dragons characters.

Aria McElf
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Bard
This charismatic, blonde bombshell wields words as her weapons, though she isn’t too shabby with her swords either. Her temptress personality and honey-coated words have gotten the gang out of a lot of bad situations, as well as getting them into some as well.  By far the most intelligent of the group, she proves that brains and beauty are not mutually exclusive.

Moses Seasplitter
Race: Human
Class: Cleric
Moses comes from a distant, strange land, and has brought with him even stranger magic.  Always upholding good morals, he stamps out evil wherever he may find it with surprising skills with his staff.  He’s a bit of a religious nut though, so don’t go asking him about God or you’ll be there all day.

Swagstag Memebarrel
Race: Halfling
Class: Thief
Of course Swagstag isn’t her real name, but like all good thieves, one needs an alias.  Don’t let her size fool you, this feisty little thief will rob you without you even knowing it.  Try not to upset her, because you will be surprised how much anger could fit in someone so small.

Ivan Greenbean
Race: Wood Elf
Class: Ranger
A man of little words and a lot of stares. But don’t take that as a sign of mysterious wisdom- poor Ivan struggles with words longer than three syllables.  He can put an arrow through a target a mile away, but struggles with basic math.  He seems nice enough, but you somehow get the feeling he may just snap at any moment and kill everyone…

Malifica Paladin-Bane
Race: Tiefling
Class: Sorcerer
Pure.  Evil.  Or at least, that’s what she’d like you to think.  This sorceress certainly is not the nicest of people, but all she really wants is a friend.  She just needs to make it long enough without killing them.  She’s got a great sense of humour and she’d have a lot more friends if she didn’t keep setting people on fire.

So now you’ve met the crew, let’s see what antics they get up to.  Of course, this is not all the people you’ll meet.  There will be many more colourful characters on the way.

Dungeons that Drag On Chapter One: Shouldn’t We Have a Fighter?
Coming soon!




From Planning to Paper

Only a short post today, but it’s something that I still think is important.

How the hell do you get all your ideas to stop flying around and get together?

With all of stories I write (but the Knights of the Old Republic story especially) I am struggling to get all those ideas whizzing around in my head in a coherent order.

It’s like I know what I want, but I just don’t know how to get it.  I have so many ideas for characters, plot points and world building, but I don’t know how to get them to all behave!

I’ve written all these ideas down, but even on paper they area jumbled mess.  I can see that if tamed and organised into my story then they would have great potential, but at the moment they’re pretty useless.  It’s like I’m in a big field of butterflies and I want to catch one but all I have is a tea strainer.  What I need is a big net. A big, plan-y net.

mqdefault.jpgSomething like this would suffice.

So what I’m really asking is- does anyone have some really good ways of planning their writing?  It can be meticulous story planning or just a simple way to get you ideas into a more malleable format.  Drop me a comment or message to help a gal out.


Why I love Star Wars (and why you should too)

Today I thought I’d take some time out to explain why I “love Star Wars way too much”.

The year is 2005.  I am eight years old, and Episode 3 has just come out in the cinemas.  At this time, I had no interest in seeing it because I was a dumb eight year old.  I hadn’t seen any trailers, and the ads I did see for it referenced characters I didn’t know or care about.  I mean sure, I knew who Darth Vader was but asides from knowing he was a scary guy in a weird suit with breathing problems, I didn’t know anything about Star Wars, and I couldn’t care less.

Jump forward a year.  Everything changed.

My dad brings home a pirated copy of Episode 1 from work for me to watch.  Now somewhat wiser than I was a year ago, I decided to give it a go.  After all, this was one had a “I” on it, so I figured it was a better place to start.

And say what you will about Episode 1, but it blew little Lisa Junior’s mind.  I immediately fell in love with the Star Wars universe- the Jedi!  The Sith!  The podracing and the space battles!  From the moment I started watching, I was fascinated with these characters and I wanted to see more.  I mean, sure, young me was all “ew yucky kissy romance” every time Anakain and Padme were smooching it up in Episode 2, but at least I could appreciate its part in the story.  And the introduction of even more Jedi and Anakin’s fall kept me interested.

When I got to Episode 3, my obsession with Star Wars was complete, and I hadn’t even seen the originals yet.  The movie that is still, to this day, my favourite movie of all time.  Anakin was easily my favourite character, something  due in part to the fact that pre-teen me had a massive crush on episode 3 Anakin (that hair!  And that sexy eye scar…ok I’ll stop now).  But to me, Episode 3 was what topped it all off.  The stories of characters I had loved since Episode 1 were coming to an end, or entering a new chapter.  Something about Episode 3’s finality and seriousness engrossed me.  The final half hour of Revenge of the Sith is still one of my favourite movie finales of all time.

And then it was on to the original trilogy!  And I first, I hated A New Hope.  Compared to the action-packed excitement of the prequels, I found a New Hope very dull.  Though thankfully now I understand A New Hope’s merit.  But Empire Strikes Back was where I really fell in love with the original trilogy- the confrontation between father and son, the implication of light and dark, the fight between good and evil.  And finally, Return of the Jedi’s final confrontation between Luke, Vader and the Emperor is still something that rouses emotion in me today, and I will admit, every time I watch the victory celebration on Endor, I cry a little.

But why is that?

Star Wars is a big series, and that’s just considering the movies and not the plethora of content in Clone Wars, Rebels and other media.  But it’s size is what I think makes it so obsessive.  The Star Wars galaxy is full of adventures waiting to happen, and the great thing is that when all Star Wars fans inevitably imagine themselves in that galaxy, it’s possible that we could exist.  The movies follow the story of the Skywalkers, but I think its the living, breathing universe of Star Wars itself that hooks us.  It’s a whole universe that is so much more exciting than our own, but it’s believable.  From the corrupt senate in the prequels, to the Nazi-like regime of the Empire, Star Wars takes inspiration from our own universe in many ways, which makes it easier for us to feel for and understand the Star Wars galaxy.  The idea of good and evil locked in a constant battle appeals to our deepest instincts, and seeing that battle tear apart the Skywalkers appeals to our deepest emotions.  We cry for the death of characters we love, and cheer when they prevail.  Because deep down, we can all relate to the characters in some way or another, and to be honest, I think every Star Wars fan has wanted to be a part of these characters’ story- a part of something bigger.  And even here on Earth, the films unite its fans in a way no other series has done.  Star Wars has made friendships, and even long lasting romantic relationships (in fact it was our mutual love of Star Wars that helped me and my current partner get together).

To some, the Star Wars saga is just a bunch of movies.  To others, it is like the Force itself.  It surrounds us, binds us, penetrates us.  It has taught us lessons and molded who we are.

From one Star Wars fan to another, may the Force be with you.


Knights of the Cool Republic

Not that boring New Republic (or is the post Episode 6 Republic the New Republic?  Does that make the pre-Episode 3 Republic the Old New Republic or the New Old Republic…)

Nevermind, I’m getting off topic.  The Republic I am in fact talking about is the one from the Knights of the Old Republic video game series, aka the best Star Wars games ever and the games that have influenced my big Star Wars writing project.

So, a bit of background.  I received KOTOR 1 and 2 as a gift on Steam from my (now ex) boyfriend.  At the time, I had heard of the games but had never seen anything about them. So I started playing the first game, and made my awesome main character Tiannah Ren (Yes, Force Awakens had just come out and I was in the prime of my Kylo Ren obsession)


And as you can probably tell from that picture, I made her hella evil.  Like, I mean really evil.  More evil than you could imagine, cause to be honest, playing evil Sith in Star Wars games is super fun.  UNLIMITED POWAAAH.

But when I hit that game-changing plot twist, I thought “wow, this whole Old Republic era is a trove of storytelling potential”

And so I played the second game, and was even more immersed in the Old Republic.  Then I got into the comic series, and that really drove home how fleshed out this era of Star Wars history was, but at the same time showed how much more potential it had.  And Revan, the most adored character from the Old Republic, fascinated me.  A fallen Jedi who came back to the light, but never fully trusting it.  Someone who had been both Jedi and Sith, who had served both light and dark.  Now THAT was a character I could get into.  So I read the “Revan” novel.

And it sucked.

Look, it was not a terrible book by all means, but what Lucasarts as a whole had done with the character really annoyed me, especially his introduction into the Old Republic MMO.  They took a character who was different in everyone’s mind, depending how they played KOTOR, and made him a white, male, brown haired, stubbled jaw bore-fest.  I understand they needed to make a canon (well, not anymore) Revan to neaten up the EU, but really? ANOTHER white, male, brown haired, stubbled jaw hero?  Was Kyle Katarn not enough for you!

That’s where I come in.

What do I want to do?  I want to take Revan, and remake the character.  I want to make Revan into a great, multifaceted female Sith.  I want to see her interact with the galaxy and its people in different ways, depending on her current allegiance (either Sith or Jedi).  And I’m going to at least try to do that via short stories.

My Revan stories are going to (or at least try to) take everything everyone knows and loves about the character and the Old Republic universe, and string it together with some new ideas.  I want to explore Revan during the Mandalorian Wars, and her slow decent to the dark side.  I want to view the galaxy from her point of view as a Lord of the Sith.  And of course, I want to see Revan’s identify be destroyed by the Jedi before being found again in the light.

I’m not an incredible writer by a long shot.  There’s still a lot I have to learn.  But somehow, I feel that taking this character I love so much and making her into something my own will help me.  And I hope you will all enjoy it too.




Current projects (aka what I’m currently procrastinating on)

I did promise to talk about what I’m working on at the moment, didn’t I?  I suppose I should do that.

Unfortunately, I’m not one of those “have one project and stick to it” kind of people.  Instead I’m one of those “starting working on all your ideas at once and then wonder why nothing gets done” kind of people.  I used to be much worse, but at least now I’ve narrowed myself down to four projects.  I honestly have no idea which one will get completed first, since I don’t really allocate time to them evenly.  I literally just work on whatever I feel like working on at that moment.  On one hand, it means I always have something to do that suits my mood.  On the other hand, I don’t make a great deal of progress overall.  So what are these four projects?

Project 1: Kings of the Bloodstone
Genre: Gothic fantasy
Progress: still in planning
Description: I have always been a huge fan of Gothic literature like Dracula, Frankenstein and the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  I’m an even bigger fan of the classic depiction of vampires, especially Bela Lugosi’s portrayal of Dracula and the Coppola Dracula film from the 90s.  It was these films that inspired me to start my own gothic fantasy.  While mostly still in the planning stages, I want to combine the feel of classic vampire stories with a dark fantasy setting similar to Dark Souls or Bloodborne.  I feel like these two things would work ridiculously well together.  Kings of the Bloodstone is a story about brooding, aristocratic vampires living in a dark desolate world where they rule over the lesser class of mortals.

Project 2: Man and Machine
Genre: Sci-fi
Progress: early draft in progress
Description: Do you know what else I love? Cyborgs. The idea of people struggling to find their humanity when they are mostly machine fascinates me.  And that is what Man and Machine is all about. I’ve probably made the most progress on this one, and I’ve even begun working on an early draft.  It is heavily inspired by the Deus Ex videogame series, with some inspiration taken from Blade Runner and even the Terminator films.  The story follows a young ex-soldier named Kaiden who is gravely wounded on the field of battle. Against his will, he is resurrected through the power of cybernetic enhancement by a large bio-technology company.  In return for his life, Kaiden must pledge his services the company, whose intentions are not what they seem…(dun dun dun)

Project 3: untitled, dunno I’ll probably just call it something to do with sand. But not Dune cause that’s already taken
Genre: fantasy/adventure
Progress: literally a couple of characters and a rough plot
Description: fun fact- I got this idea from a dream I had.  In this dream I saw a young boy slowly dying from an unknown ailment.  But the twist was that he had been possessed by an demon, and if he died then that demon would be unleashed upon the world.  When I woke up I thought: “what a great idea for a story!”.  I’ve taken this idea and played with it a bit, making some characters and a loose plot.  At first I made the setting a sort of medieval Europe, but now I’ve changed it up a bit and set it in a fantasy Arabian-esque land.  After recently reading some of One Thousand and One Nights, I’ve definitely been intrigued by writing a kind of fairy-tale adventure with a middle eastern twist.

Project 4: holy shit Star Wars (note this is not the actual title, actual title is Rise of Revan)
Genre: Star Wars. Yes, Star Wars is a genre
Progress: 3/4 of the way through first draft
Description: Yes, I know that writing something in an already established universe with already established characters is cheating and will not earn me anything. But I am doing this because I enjoy it, and it satisfies that unrelenting hunger for new Star Wars content.  This project is a series of novellas about the expanded universe character Revan, from the Knights of the Old Republic games.  These stories are set before the games, with each one focuses on a different period such as during the Mandalorian War and Revan’s rise from your average Jedi Knight to Dark Lord of the Sith, her time as a Sith, and then her fall from grace leading into the KOTOR games.  And yes, I said her. I feel like a female Revan is much more interesting than a male, and it really fills in the void left by the fact there are pretty much no (good) real female Sith.  These stories will also feature KOTOR favourite Malak and the Exile from KOTOR 2.  This is probably my biggest project at the moment, and I am dedicating a lot of time to it.  I will likely make a separate post in the future going into further details.

Any ideas/suggestions are welcome, and I hope those of you that are interested will stay tuned in the future when I finally get off my ass (or on my ass since I guess you write while sitting down) and start writing more.



The Adventures of a Teenage Fanfiction Writer

Perhaps not anymore, but that is exactly where I started- in the dark days of 2014 on the site known as

So as I mentioned i the last post, I said I wrote things.

I gotta come clean, I haven’t really written much.  In fact, almost nothing.  But hey it’s the thought that counts, right?  Really it’s more my ambition to write more than anything that drives me. I may not have done much yet, but I like to think I will in the future.

So is there anything I have written?

Well in fact there is! Perhaps you remember me mentioning my fanfiction? While it may have been the result of the interests of a 17 year old high school student Dragon Age fan, it is probably the only project I started AND completed.  Based on the video game Dragon Age 2, this 14 chapter, 20000 word story used the Dragon Age characters Hawke, Anders and Fenris but the plot was my own invention.  And you can clearly see 17 year old me’s obsession with gay angst fiction dripping from it.

If you are interested, you can check it out here:

Here’s the cover if you’re the sort of person that needs a cover to grab your attention.

Pain of Lyrium Cover.png

I was going to make this post about what I’m working on at the moment, but perhaps I will leave you shivering in anticipation and talk about it on the next post. After all, perhaps its better to look at where you’ve been before you look at where you are going.



Every journey starts with a step, and every blog starts with a post

I know what you’re thinking- “ANOTHER twenty something blogger and writer who thinks they are somewhat interesting and thinks that a blog about them will also be somewhat interesting?  No thanks.”


This blog is for me more than anyone else, but if you want to join in on the ride, then be my guest.  So what exactly is this blog about?  Well it’s about me, and what I do.

And I hear you exclaim “What is that, exactly?”

Well first of all, my name is Lisa and I am a twenty year old accounting student on the cusp of finishing uni.  When I’m not studying, I’m either writing, playing video games or thinking about Star Wars (sometimes all three).

At the moment, my writing hasn’t really gotten beyond fanfiction (no not that kind of fanfiction that you’re thinking of).  I really want to publish a book (someday) and I guess this blog will help motivate me.  Authors have blogs right?  They seem like an author-y thing to do.

What do I write about?  Well I’ll get to that in some early posts.

But behold there is more to me (and this blog) than writing!  While my funds currently consist of a couple of coins and crumpled five dollar notes, one day I hope to have enough to travel the world.  Maybe if this blog survives that long, I’ll blog about that.

And heck, I’ll probably just post about whatever pops into my mind.  Probably Star Wars.

So that’s an overview, if anything.  Follow this blog.  Or don’t.  I’m a mysterious person on the internet, not a cop.