I know what you’re thinking- “ANOTHER twenty something blogger and writer who thinks they are somewhat interesting and think that a blog about them will also be somewhat interesting?  No thanks.”


This blog is for me more than anyone else, but if you want to join in on the ride, then be my guest.  So what exactly is this blog about?  Well it’s about me, and what I do.

And I hear you exclaim “What is that, exactly?”

Well first of all, my name is Lisa and I am a twenty one year old accountant counting numbers by day and counting words by night.  When I’m not working or writing, I’m either playing video games, drawing or thinking about Star Wars (sometimes all three at once).

At the moment, my writing hasn’t really gotten beyond fanfiction (no not that kind of fanfiction that you’re thinking of).  I really want to publish a book (someday) and I guess this blog will help motivate me.  Authors have blogs right?  They seem like an author-y thing to do.

What do I write about?  Well I’ll get to that in some early posts.

But behold there is more to me (and this blog) than writing!  While my funds currently consist of a couple of coins and crumpled five dollar notes, one day I hope to have enough to travel the world.  Maybe if this blog survives that long, I’ll blog about that.

And heck, I’ll probably just post about whatever pops into my mind.

So that’s an overview, if anything.  Follow this blog.  Or don’t.  I’m a mysterious person on the internet, not a cop.