Writing Update #1: Oh Wow I’m Actually Writing

For a writing blog, there seems to be very little writing going on.  I am fully aware of that, but fret not!  I have been hard at it over the past few weeks.  I’ve been on mid-year university break which has given me some unobstructed writing time and boy have I been using that time as much as I can.

After doing a lot of scheduling and time management, I’ve decided to cut out a lot of the projects I said I was working on in that earlier post.  I’ve done a lot of thinking about each project, and decided whether they will be postponed for a while or postponed indefinitely.

Firstly, I’ll say what has been scrapped entirely.  Kings of the Bloodstone aka my Gothic fantasy novel has been postponed indefinitely, with a very high chance of it being cancelled.  After realising the market was flooded with vampire novels a few years back, I knew that my vampire story would probably just get muddled up in the mix.  Along with that, I had done very little work on it and the plot was all over the place.  It may rear its head later on down the track, but for now Kings of the Bloodstone is going to be filed away.

My second project, Man and Machine aka my science fiction novel has been postponed, but not indefinitely.  There are other things I want to work on at the moment, but I am very passionate about this project and I don’t want to forget it all together.  This one was starting to move along, and a lot of the planning is done and first draft was already starting to come together.  But it will be placed on the back-burner for now while I focus on my main projects.  But don’t say goodbye to Man and Machine forever, because like another famous cyborg story it says “I’ll be back.”

Finally, what are my current focuses right now?  Oddly enough, I chose the project with the least work done on it to be my main project.  Both Kings of the Bloodstone and Man and Machine had far more work done on them, but I decided to put the spotlight on my un-named fantasy/adventure novel.  It’s going under the working title “Vessel” at the moment, and in the few short weeks after deciding to put my focus on it, it has rocketed to first place in terms of how much content there is.  The planning is completely finished, and I am about a third of the way into the first draft.  This is certainly something considering that all I had at the start was a rough plot and some ideas for characters.  But now Vessel is well on the way to becoming my debut piece, and I hope it will be.

Along with Vessel, I am also continuing on with my Revan story.  This multipart series is more a personal project that will be published on Fanfiction and Ao3 rather than being published.  The first draft of the first novella is nearly complete, and I’ll be starting to revise it soon.  This will probably come out first, so Star Wars fans make sure you keep an eye on this blog, because I will be announcing its release here.  I did mention in my earlier post this was my biggest project, but I have switched it around with Vessel, which is taking most of my attention.

So there you have it.  Rise of Revan will hopefully be out by the end of the year, and I am working away on my first novel.  Feel free to send in questions or advice, as it will always be appreciated.  Any publishers out there are VERY welcome to send me a message.

Keep writing everyone!

Lisa W


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