Meet the Gang – Dungeons that Drag On

As a bit of blog-exclusive, I will be starting a little mini series called Dungeons that Drag On, which is pretty much a couple of little stories inspired by some of the Dungeons and Dragons sessions I’ve attended.  They’re not going to be overly serious as some of the hijinks that come with D&D can be pretty out there.  So first of all, let’s meet our intrepid adventures- characters based on my dungeons and dragons characters.

Aria McElf
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Bard
This charismatic, blonde bombshell wields words as her weapons, though she isn’t too shabby with her swords either. Her temptress personality and honey-coated words have gotten the gang out of a lot of bad situations, as well as getting them into some as well.  By far the most intelligent of the group, she proves that brains and beauty are not mutually exclusive.

Moses Seasplitter
Race: Human
Class: Cleric
Moses comes from a distant, strange land, and has brought with him even stranger magic.  Always upholding good morals, he stamps out evil wherever he may find it with surprising skills with his staff.  He’s a bit of a religious nut though, so don’t go asking him about God or you’ll be there all day.

Swagstag Memebarrel
Race: Halfling
Class: Thief
Of course Swagstag isn’t her real name, but like all good thieves, one needs an alias.  Don’t let her size fool you, this feisty little thief will rob you without you even knowing it.  Try not to upset her, because you will be surprised how much anger could fit in someone so small.

Ivan Greenbean
Race: Wood Elf
Class: Ranger
A man of little words and a lot of stares. But don’t take that as a sign of mysterious wisdom- poor Ivan struggles with words longer than three syllables.  He can put an arrow through a target a mile away, but struggles with basic math.  He seems nice enough, but you somehow get the feeling he may just snap at any moment and kill everyone…

Malifica Paladin-Bane
Race: Tiefling
Class: Sorcerer
Pure.  Evil.  Or at least, that’s what she’d like you to think.  This sorceress certainly is not the nicest of people, but all she really wants is a friend.  She just needs to make it long enough without killing them.  She’s got a great sense of humour and she’d have a lot more friends if she didn’t keep setting people on fire.

So now you’ve met the crew, let’s see what antics they get up to.  Of course, this is not all the people you’ll meet.  There will be many more colourful characters on the way.

Dungeons that Drag On Chapter One: Shouldn’t We Have a Fighter?
Coming soon!





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