From Planning to Paper

Only a short post today, but it’s something that I still think is important.

How the hell do you get all your ideas to stop flying around and get together?

With all of stories I write (but the Knights of the Old Republic story especially) I am struggling to get all those ideas whizzing around in my head in a coherent order.

It’s like I know what I want, but I just don’t know how to get it.  I have so many ideas for characters, plot points and world building, but I don’t know how to get them to all behave!

I’ve written all these ideas down, but even on paper they area jumbled mess.  I can see that if tamed and organised into my story then they would have great potential, but at the moment they’re pretty useless.  It’s like I’m in a big field of butterflies and I want to catch one but all I have is a tea strainer.  What I need is a big net. A big, plan-y net.

mqdefault.jpgSomething like this would suffice.

So what I’m really asking is- does anyone have some really good ways of planning their writing?  It can be meticulous story planning or just a simple way to get you ideas into a more malleable format.  Drop me a comment or message to help a gal out.



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