Current projects (aka what I’m currently procrastinating on)

I did promise to talk about what I’m working on at the moment, didn’t I?  I suppose I should do that.

Unfortunately, I’m not one of those “have one project and stick to it” kind of people.  Instead I’m one of those “starting working on all your ideas at once and then wonder why nothing gets done” kind of people.  I used to be much worse, but at least now I’ve narrowed myself down to four projects.  I honestly have no idea which one will get completed first, since I don’t really allocate time to them evenly.  I literally just work on whatever I feel like working on at that moment.  On one hand, it means I always have something to do that suits my mood.  On the other hand, I don’t make a great deal of progress overall.  So what are these four projects?

Project 1: Kings of the Bloodstone
Genre: Gothic fantasy
Progress: still in planning
Description: I have always been a huge fan of Gothic literature like Dracula, Frankenstein and the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  I’m an even bigger fan of the classic depiction of vampires, especially Bela Lugosi’s portrayal of Dracula and the Coppola Dracula film from the 90s.  It was these films that inspired me to start my own gothic fantasy.  While mostly still in the planning stages, I want to combine the feel of classic vampire stories with a dark fantasy setting similar to Dark Souls or Bloodborne.  I feel like these two things would work ridiculously well together.  Kings of the Bloodstone is a story about brooding, aristocratic vampires living in a dark desolate world where they rule over the lesser class of mortals.

Project 2: Man and Machine
Genre: Sci-fi
Progress: early draft in progress
Description: Do you know what else I love? Cyborgs. The idea of people struggling to find their humanity when they are mostly machine fascinates me.  And that is what Man and Machine is all about. I’ve probably made the most progress on this one, and I’ve even begun working on an early draft.  It is heavily inspired by the Deus Ex videogame series, with some inspiration taken from Blade Runner and even the Terminator films.  The story follows a young ex-soldier named Kaiden who is gravely wounded on the field of battle. Against his will, he is resurrected through the power of cybernetic enhancement by a large bio-technology company.  In return for his life, Kaiden must pledge his services the company, whose intentions are not what they seem…(dun dun dun)

Project 3: untitled, dunno I’ll probably just call it something to do with sand. But not Dune cause that’s already taken
Genre: fantasy/adventure
Progress: literally a couple of characters and a rough plot
Description: fun fact- I got this idea from a dream I had.  In this dream I saw a young boy slowly dying from an unknown ailment.  But the twist was that he had been possessed by an demon, and if he died then that demon would be unleashed upon the world.  When I woke up I thought: “what a great idea for a story!”.  I’ve taken this idea and played with it a bit, making some characters and a loose plot.  At first I made the setting a sort of medieval Europe, but now I’ve changed it up a bit and set it in a fantasy Arabian-esque land.  After recently reading some of One Thousand and One Nights, I’ve definitely been intrigued by writing a kind of fairy-tale adventure with a middle eastern twist.

Project 4: holy shit Star Wars (note this is not the actual title, actual title is Rise of Revan)
Genre: Star Wars. Yes, Star Wars is a genre
Progress: 3/4 of the way through first draft
Description: Yes, I know that writing something in an already established universe with already established characters is cheating and will not earn me anything. But I am doing this because I enjoy it, and it satisfies that unrelenting hunger for new Star Wars content.  This project is a series of novellas about the expanded universe character Revan, from the Knights of the Old Republic games.  These stories are set before the games, with each one focuses on a different period such as during the Mandalorian War and Revan’s rise from your average Jedi Knight to Dark Lord of the Sith, her time as a Sith, and then her fall from grace leading into the KOTOR games.  And yes, I said her. I feel like a female Revan is much more interesting than a male, and it really fills in the void left by the fact there are pretty much no (good) real female Sith.  These stories will also feature KOTOR favourite Malak and the Exile from KOTOR 2.  This is probably my biggest project at the moment, and I am dedicating a lot of time to it.  I will likely make a separate post in the future going into further details.

Any ideas/suggestions are welcome, and I hope those of you that are interested will stay tuned in the future when I finally get off my ass (or on my ass since I guess you write while sitting down) and start writing more.




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